The New Economic Context for the Arab World

The Arab World faces a conundrum of challenges that relate to its current economic model, the geopolitical tensions that characterize parts of the region, and the global trends whose effects are unfolding throughout the world. Increasing income inequality, polarization of societies, cyber-dependency and climate change are already impacting our economies and societies and will do more so in the future, testing countries’ capacity to progress and prosper.

How are these trends likely to impact the Arab World? What risks are they exacerbating? What challenges does this pose for the economies of the Arab countries?

Building on previous research of the Forum’s System Initiative on Economic Growth and Social, the briefing grounds the discussion on the future economic context for the Arab World in the data collected through surveys of global experts and businesses in the region. It provides guidance ontrends are most likely to impact Arab countries, it maps the largest competitiveness gaps and puts forward four key challenges that the region will need to address to ensure it navigates successfully its new economic context.

20 五月 2017