Market Creators Alliance

The challenges we face today require an economic transformation of depth, scale and speed unmatched by any in human history. The urgency to compress change into meaningful time frames has forced governments into action. For the first time in the past three decades, there is a growing consensus that we need new models of innovation and industrial development to shape new ways of producing value that are inclusive and sustainable.

A new contract between the state, capital and labour is necessary to ensure a fair transformation, one where all parts of society and all countries can equally contribute and reap the benefits. This will be the basis of a more equitable stakeholder form of capitalism. To achieve this goal, we need better models of public-private partnerships to drive innovation and industrial policy. Models that can help businesses, governments, and other stakeholders shape together an era of market creation and economic transformation.

Building on the work undertaken by the Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Economic Growth and Recovery, the Centre for the New Economy and Society is working towards four overarching objectives to shape a new socio-economic contract for innovation and industrial development: 

1.      Promoting effective and symbiotic public-private partnerships for market creation

2.      Drive public-private partnerships to create the social markets of tomorrow

3.      Bridging the “innovation gap” between advanced and developing economies

4.      Foster inclusive participation in market co-creation leveraging a diverse and multi-stakeholder approach

A Market Creators Alliance will draw upon the Six Pathways for Market Creation, to co-create principles and guidelines that can be adopted by the public and private sector, to enable a better way of creating new markets. The Alliance will bring together leaders and champions, across business, government, and relevant stakeholders, to crowd-in solutions from multiple sectors, for foster a new era of innovation and industrial policy. 

The Market Creators Alliance will pilot a new generation of public-private partnerships for the creation of social markets. The initiative will grow breakthroughs and niches of innovation into well-developed markets that address today’s most pressing social challenges. The pilot will apply the principles developed by the Market Creators Alliance, foster collaboration, synthesize learnings, and scale-up to a wider range of stakeholders. 





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