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The challenges we face today require an economic transformation of depth, scale and speed unmatched by any in human history. For the first time in the past three decades, there is a growing consensus that we need new models of innovation and industrial development to shape new ways of producing value that are inclusive and sustainable. A proactive approach and greater strategic planning are now required in order to create the “markets of tomorrow” that meet key societal needs.

Bringing together a global coalition of senior leaders from the public sector, the investment industry and the wider business world, the Market Creators Alliance aims to improve public-private collaboration to create new markets with the potential to solve pressing national, regional and global challenges. The alliance is active in three key areas:

1.     Building global data, evidence and narratives on the markets of tomorrow, most recently with the World Economic Forum’s Markets of Tomorrow Report 2023, which surveys businesses in over 120 economies to identify priority technologies and sectors that can address critical societal needs.

2.     Guiding country-level market co-creation frameworks and initiatives through Markets of Tomorrow Accelerators that develop national action plans for public-private collaboration.

3.       Enabling cross-country exchange and global knowledge transfer between the World Economic Forum’s initiatives.

Decisive action is necessary to ensure a fair transformation, one where all parts of society and all countries can equally contribute and reap the benefits. To achieve this goal, the Market Creators Alliance will foster better models of public-private partnerships to drive innovation and industrial policy in the most urgent areas


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