The Future of Real Estate: Driving An Industry Transition

The Future of Real Estate – Pathways for Industry Recovery and Transition.

COVID-19 has devastated communities and economies across the globe. As the pandemic slowly begins to ebb, the conversation on stimulus and recovery dominates, bringing to light the financial damage across real estate sectors like retail, hospitality and office and the need to revive portfolios and rethink the use of certain assets both immediately and on a more permanent basis. The crisis also presents a unique opportunity to rebuild better and accelerate change that was already underway. The need for more technologically advanced, affordable and healthy buildings will be critical for the industry to recover financially, support human and environmental health, and fortify against future threats.


·      Convene visible and transformative leadership that can shift the industry consensus, increase the understanding of what is possible and advance public-private collaboration to develop and implement effective policy.  

·      Develop a global hub dedicated to disseminating a framework for broad adoption and implementation.

·      Establish key regional hubs to drive implementation of the framework, share best practices, source lighthouse projects and engage in an open dialogue of knowledge sharing.

·      Produce an annual report based on regional and global hub activities