New Generation Manufacturing Leaders


Transform manufacturing to make it sustainable, inclusive, and resilient - and get the world excited about its future frontiers and opportunities for young generations.


The misconception of manufacturing is rife all over the world. Nearly half of parents think it is not an engaging, challenging or exciting profession for their children, and out of seven industry sectors, manufacturing ranks second to last as a career choice for new generations, who see it as old, tried-and-true and conventional.

In addition, manufacturing is being challenged because of its CO2 footprint. It consumes 54% of the world’s energy, contributes to 20% of CO2 emissions globally, and the industry struggles to define actions that reduce its environmental footprint.

However, the reality is that manufacturing is behind some of the world’s greatest innovations, is a fundamental aspect of any economy, drives our society forward, and is being transformed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Within the framework of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production, the World Economic Forum has launched a new community of young manufacturing leaders. They display a commitment to the advancement of manufacturing and aspire to a career in manufacturing that is rewarding, inspiring and valuable to the global economy.

The community engages in the Platform’s work and agenda to shape new ideas to transform manufacturing and champion the industry to younger generations. They provide thought leadership and insights into the vital role of millennials and Generation Z in digital transformation, and take part in key projects and initiatives related to the community’s mission.

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