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The FashionGood project aims to promote best practices for sustainable fashion and increase awareness about waste management by joining forces with the Sustainable Fashion Platform (SFP). This independent platform is based on the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and ideas to create a planet-friendly textile and fashion ecosystem, bringing key stakeholders together to combine their efforts. With FashionGood and the SFP, the Istanbul Hub seeks to build a working committee on Textile Waste to scale impact.


GOALS - #SDG10, #SDG12 #SDG17
1-Ensure that people have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable consumption and production, and their lifestyles in harmony with nature
2-Reduce substantially textile waste generation through prevention, reuse, recycling and upcycling
3-Develop and implement curriculum programs at universities to monitor sustainable fashion impacts for future generations
4-Empower and promote the social inclusion of all, promote the fashion for good by facilitating safe well-managed responsible social cohesion for migrants and refugees
5-Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, build on sustainable fashion initiatives at local level to develop measurements of progress

IMPACTS - All in 1 project: Environment, Social Cohesion and Youth Empowerment

The FashionGood project has both environmental and social positive impacts:
-The project enables turning tons of textile waste that are thrown away every day in clothing confections in Zeytinburnu into upcycled sustainable fashion lines thanks to the collaboration among Istanbul Hub, Zeytinburnu Municipality and Bilgi University-Fashion Design Department.
-The project equips young fashion students with trainings and skills in pursuit of searching, using and designing with innovative sustainable recycled materials and help them cover many facets of running an ethical sustainable fashion brand, from pattern making and garment construction by working together with social entrepreneurs.
-The project provides refugee children various skills through story-completing and design ateliers which translate to social contexts: confidence-building, social interaction and creativity in a safe space of social cohesion – together with Turkish (potential) friends in host communities in Istanbul.

The FashionGood project champions creativity, collaboration and multidisciplinary approach:
-With a multidisciplinary approach, the FashionGood project gathers key sustainability acteurs from social entrepreneuers, universities to public institutions around impactful activities.

The FashionGood project is growing as an impactful contributor by joining forces with the Sustainable Fashion Platform (SFP):
-The project has presented good practices on sustainable fashion and particularly raised awareness on waste management in high level to build a working committee on Textile Waste in SFP -in the leading role of Istanbul Hub in the light of Impact Areas 2020 of our Community.

The FashionGood project has both local and global aspects, by joining forces with Shape Fashion Initiative to amplify the collective impact across our Community and reinforce cross-Hub interactions.