Confidence in U

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Project “Confidence in U” gives students and fresh graduates confidence for professional employment through skill training and building networks. The project is made up of a series of workshops, preparing students with relevant work skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution, to help close the skill gap among Universities and Workplaces. By developing soft skills and building a network of students and mentors through the course of the project, Danang Hub aims to boost productivity and manpower of the young Vietnamese workforce, to enhance the Vietnamese economy’s competitiveness. The hub is employing mentor and “know one, teach one” models, for example, each project participant can re-train a friend or peer at the university level after gaining skills from experts.


The project goals are: - Till 2020: Up-skilling 1000 university students; strengthen a wide network of mentors and participants through social media channel and websites. In the long run, the project will produce a high-quality talent pool and improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese workforce.
The projected impact: - Reach 300 students through direct training in 2019 and 1000 students in total through peer-to-peer training in 2020. - Develop a highly impactful and interactive network of mentors: online and offline forms; local and international networks; industrial and cross-sectional expertise to support students - Provide practical internship and job opportunities to students in Danang; together with a high-quality talent pool to local businesses from 2019 onwards.