Yumiko Kamada

Chief Executive Officer; Creative Director, One Glocal

Launched ONE·GLOCAL in 2019 with the vision of creating and engaging in business jointly with local communities by discovering and processing promising items from the perspective of regional design. Flew to London at the same time to study short-term at the Royal College of Art (RCA). Previous careers include working at East Japan Railway Company and taking charge of setting in motion the Ekinaka in-station commercial business in 2001. Coined the term “ekinaka” (literally meaning “in the station”), which has become a common term that refers to businesses operated inside railway stations. 2005, assumed the position of President and CEO of JR East Station Retailing and established a regional revitalization department through which a cidre factory in Aomori called A-FACTORY and local specialties stores called Nomono were launched to expand sales channels for local specialties and promote the production of processed agricultural products. 2015, appointed as a senior executive officer at Calbee. Outside director and member of national and administrative committees including NHK. Deeply engaged in regional affairs as ambassador of Ibaraki, Aomori etc.



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