Yoshito Hori

President, GLOBIS University; Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, GLOBIS

BSc, Engineering, Kyoto Univ.; MBA, Harvard. Formerly, with Sumitomo Corp. 1992, Founder, GLOBIS; 1996, Founder, GLOBIS Capital Partners. Founder, Japan Chapter, Entrepreneurs' Org. Former Member: Harvard Business School Alumni Board; New Asian Leaders Exec. Cttee, World Economic Forum. Co-Chair, Global Growth Companies, World Economic Forum. Member of the Board, Japan Assoc. of Corp. Execs. Rep. Director, G1 Summit Institute. Author, blog, Views from an Entrepreneur. Author, books, incl.: Six Dimensions of Life; Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate Societies; My Personal Mission Statement. Named one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia, Forbes.