Wendy Ju

Assistant Professor, Cornell Tech

Wendy Ju is an Assistant Professor at the Jacobs Cornell-Technion Institute at Cornell Tech in New York City. Prof. Ju is a leading expert on designing interaction with automation in the space of autonomous vehicle interactions and human robot interactions. She was formerly Executive Director of Interaction Design Research at Stanford University's Center for Design Research. Since receiving her PhD from Stanford in 2008, Wendy has been innovating curriculum at the intersection of technology, design and the arts. She was Associate Professor of Interaction Design in the Graduate Design Program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Wendy Ju explores how people respond to interactive and automated technologies using design research. Her particular expertise is in studying interactions to create physical and digital interfaces that implicitly communicate with users; this knowledge has wide reaching application in the creation of robots, automated vehicles and consumer technology devices. She also aims to lower the barriers to designing interactive systems so that these systems better represent the interests of a wider demographic of people.