Tasso Azevedo

Consultant and Social Entrepreneur

Formerly: Founder and Director, Institute of Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification (IMAFLORA); Director, National Forest Program, Ministry of Environment;General Secretary, National Forest Commission; Chief and Director-General,Brazilian Forest Service. One of the key people involved in the design and implementation the National Plan to Combat Deforestation, the Amazon Fund and the Brazilian targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Currently, consultant and social entrepreneurin the fields of forests, sustainability and climate change. Coordinator of the SEEG Global a network of systems to estimate GHG emissions at country level.Board Member, organizations and initiatives including: Business Forum on Climate Change; Rain Forest Alliance; Imazon; WRIBrazil and CSN Teaches at postgraduate programmes on sustainability-related issues and writes form O GLOBO newspaper, EpocaNegocios Magazine and the Climate Blog.