Stacey Vanek Smith

Global Economics Correspondent, NPR

Work Experience

Global Economics Correspondent, NPR, 2022-Present
· Produce features about Inflation, the Labor Market, Falling Productivity, Ozempic for
Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Here & Now, etc.
· Produced Planet Money Summer School, explanatory series about economics.

Host, Planet Money Indicator, NPR, 2018-2022
· Launched, hosted daily economics podcast, nearly 3 million downloads per week.
· Reported how inflation is calculated, why the Fed is so boring, a mother of 5
awaiting a stimulus check, a potato farmer who had to give away his crop.

Correspondent, Planet Money, NPR 2014-Present
· Conceived of, reported oil series: NPR bought 100 barrels of crude oil, followed it
through the refining process.
. Two-part investigative series on demonetization in India: Included tracking down the
mechanical engineer who pitched the idea and an examination of the economic fallout.
. Hosted All Things Considered during lockdown: Conducted live interviews, checked in
with reporters in the field

Author, Machiavelli For Women, Simon & Schuster, 2021
. Wrote a book on women in the workplace, includes data about gender pay gap,
promotion gap, being interrupted etc. and how to navigate these obstacles.
. Includes interviews with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Screenwriter Adele Lim
(Crazy Rich Asians), Olympian Alysia Montaño, AI Scientist Vivienne Ming, Silicon
Valley unicorn founder Neha Narkhede and Michelin star chef Niki Nakayama

Professor of Journalism, Princeton University, Ferris Grant, Spring Semester 2019
. Taught weekly audio journalism seminar to 16 undergraduates, including one-on-one
meetings each week, short assignments and a final documentary project.

Correspondent/Host, Marketplace, 2003-2014
· Daily reporting on national and global economic issues
· Hosted Marketplace Morning Report during the financial crisis
· Collaborated with The New York Times, produced print article and radio
feature on the complicated relationship between marriage and money.


Princeton University, AB in Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, 1999
· Selected for non-fiction writing course with John McPhee
Columbia University, MS in Journalism, emphasis in broadcast, 2003

Skills: ProTools, TikTok, Hindenburg, Marantz, Zoom, fluent in French, proficient in German, semi-learning Italian, Russian novels, running, climbing, Wordle streak: 264





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