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Sarah Doherty

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, TeleHealthRobotics

I'm an engineer and entrepreneur, adventure-seeker and music-maker, twin and neon-enthusiast hailing from Chicago, Illinois. I'm devoted to eliminating the world’s healthcare access crisis and passionate about growing the number of women educated and working in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM), entrepreneurship, and healthcare. I'm building a company called TeleHealthRobotics that has created a tele-robotic healthcare platform. Our platform allows a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional stationed anywhere in the world to provide on-demand, direct-to-consumer, real-time medical services to a patient stationed with TeleHealthRobotics’ kiosk without the aid of onsite personnel. Our first product is called TRUDI (Tele-Robotic Ultrasound for Distance Imaging) with which a provider can execute remote ultrasound (a ubiquitous diagnostic tool used for prevention, detection, and diagnosis of disease as well as rehabilitation) for the heart, vascular system, brain, uterus, breast and abdomen. Eventually we intend to provide remote primary, eye, and skin care as well as other diagnostic services on the same tele-robotic platform. I co-founded the company with my business partner, Dr. Jeff Soble, and I serve as CTO. Separately, I am an ambassador for XX in Health (a division of Rock Health) and Disruptive Women in Healthcare. I was part of the planning and advisory committee for and am a founding tenant of MATTER Chicago (a healthcare incubator). I am President Emeritus of the Penn Club of Chicago, and I am Out-Going Curator for Chicago Hub of Global Shapers. I am an alum of the University of Pennsylvania where I studied Biomedical Engineering and Entrepreneurship and I worked previously in healthcare strategy consulting.