Sandor Mulsow

Tenure Professor, Austral University of Chile

20 years of International experience in Marine Sciences as a United Nations expert:at the International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA-UN, Group of Expert on Scientific Aspect of Marine Protection- GESAMP_UN, International Seabed Authority- ISA_UN, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research and World Economic Forum.

I implement scientific and infrastructure development programs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Cuba, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala.

Competent in organizing and executing complex explicit database projects, IAEA Radio active Database and ISA, Deep Data in areas outside national jurisdictions.

Successful regulator/mediator/negotiator of complex proposals in international waters under UNCLOS in underwater mining.

Consultant in diplomatic negotiations with member states and signatory ministries of CONVEMAR, academic institutes and non-governmental organizations.

Expert on UNCLOS matters and the responsible use of the oceans for the benefit of humanity.

More than 30 WOS articles, more than 100 technical reports and book chapters. More than 80 invitations to conferences on all continents.

I participate in 13 scientific cruises studying the ecosystem functions of the seabed.

Marine Geologist devoted to protecting the oceans for future generations and Professor of Geoethics in Marine Sciences and defender of the fundamental rights of the global workforce.





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