Renata Avila

Executive Director, Smart Citizen Foundation

International human rights lawyer and digital rights expert. She is the Director of the Smart Citizenship Foundation, an international NGO that aims to strengthen Latin American democracies through the innovative use of technology. In her practice, she represented indigenous victims of genocide and other human rights abuses, including the prominent indigenous leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum. She also acted pro bono as one of the lawyers defending Baltasar Garzon and Wikileaks and her work protecting freedom of speech in the digital age was featured in the film “Hacking Justice”. As part of her longstanding advocacy work in the field of Internet and Human Rights, from 2013 to 2015, she co-led with World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners – Lee a global campaign to uphold human rights in the digital age in more than seventy-five countries. Her vision of net neutrality was featured in the short film “For Everyone”. Avila sits on the Board of Creative Commons. She is also a member of the Coordinating Collective of Diem25, a movement to democratise Europe, leading the Tech Pillar, and several advisory boards, including the German Whistleblowing Network, the DECODE Project, Digital Cities, DATAACTIVISM and Deathscapes Project. Her book Women, Whistleblowing Wikileaks” was published by OR Books. She is currently writing a book on Digital Colonialism and regularly writes for several international newspapers.