Pedro Lopes

Secretary of State for Digital Economy, Government of Cape Verde

Pedro is a young leader from Cabo Verde who has made significant contributions to youth empowerment and innovation. He founded Generation B-Bright, an organization focused on empowering young people. Pedro also organized the first TEDx event in Cabo Verde. Pedro's achievements have been recognized globally. He won the "We are Cabo Verde - Best of the Year" prize in 2017 in the category of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and was selected by the US Government to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program. He was chosen by former President Obama to join the inaugural leadership initiative of his Foundation in Africa - Obama Leaders. At just 31 years old, Pedro became the youngest member of the current Government of Cabo Verde, serving as Secretary of State for Innovation & TVET. He designed the model for the creation of the Prime Minister's Youth Council and the innovation program "Cabo Verde Digital," which has brought about significant transformation in the country's digital landscape. Pedro's contributions have inspired and influenced many and he is currently the Secretary of State for Digital Economy of Cabo Verde.





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