Paula Escobar Chavarría

Editor-in-Chief, Magazines, Empresa Periodistica El Mercurio SAP

Paula Escobar Editor-in-Chief of Magazines at Empresa Periodistica El Mercurio in Chile, overseeing six weekly magazines. She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post Voces Latinas. Prior, Escobar served as Director of Caras, a national entertainment magazine. In 2000, she was named Editorial Director of Editorial Televisa Chile, responsible for 16 additional magazines. A former Member of the Board of the National Press Association (ANP) and President of the Commission for Magazines, she has also served as a Member of the Bicentennial Commission of Chile. Escobar is currently a Member of the Council of Comunidad Mujer, an NGO that promotes women's rights, and was elected in 2012 a Yale World Fellow by Yale University. She studied Journalism at the Catholic University of Chile and is finishing a Master's degree studies in Comparative Literature. Escobar teaches Journalism at the Master's degree programme of El Mercurio and Universidad Católica. She has published four non-fiction books.