Park Won-Soon

Former: civic activist and was at the forefront of the civic movement in Korea; human rights lawyer and was at the very centre of the democracy and human rights movement in Korea. Founded the Beautiful Foundation to spread a culture of philanthropy in Korea; founded the Hope Institute, a private think tank, to promote social innovation in Korea. October 2011, elected Mayor of Seoul; 2014, re-elected; leadership is based on communication and innovation. Dedicated to bringing about a fresh change to old social norms and institutions. Has assumed leadership responsibilities in various organizations of cities around the world, such as ICLEI, an organization of cities to tackle climate change, WeGO, an organization of cities to promote e-government, GSEF, an organization of cities to find solutions to social problems through social economy, and CITYNET, an organization of cities and local governments in the Asia-Pacific region. Author of: NGO, Power of People can Change the World; The Sharing Habits of Successful People; Finding Hope in the Villages; How does Oliver cook the world? Recipient: Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Nobel Peace Prize of Asia (2006).