Niama El Bassunie

Chief Executive Officer, WaystoCap

Master’s in Decision Sciences and International Relations, London School of Economics (LSE). Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Started career at PwC, in the Energy Markets and Valuations team in London, working on projects for the US State Department in Afghanistan, and the national gas company of South Africa. Subsequently set up first venture in green energy, importing used cooking oil into the EU for use in transportation. Former Economic Adviser to the Togolese Government, working on a project with Sir Paul Judge (the founder of the Cambridge Business School). Spent time in Guinea working with the government and policy-makers to clear the port of Conakry of scrap metal. Currently, Chief Executive Officer, WaystoCap, the first Moroccan company to be backed by Y Combinator. Has been a speaker and panellist at events in the US, Africa and the Middle East. Frequently cited as an example of a success story in MENA (including by 500 Startups).