Micaela Mantegna

TED Fellow, Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires

Known as the 'Abogamer', Micaela stands as an international expert in digital ethics, XR policy, and AI’s intersection with creativity and copyright.
As a TED Fellow, her talk on the metaverse earned 1.5M+ views globally.
Currently she is affiliated with the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard, while also serving on Chatham House’s AI Taskforce and the World Economic Forum’s Metaverse Council, positioning Micaela as a global voice in AI ethics, videogames and metaverse policy.
Author of "ARTficial: creativity, AI and copyright" (2022) and the upcoming "Braindancing in the Metaverse: a capitalism of cognitive surveillance" (2024), her work explores in depth the implications of digital capitalism, at the intersections of intellectual property, AI, art, and ethics.
Micaela earned the 2017 Google Policy Fellowship for her work creating an algorithmic governance framework. Building on this recognition, she subsequently became the lead drafter of the ethics chapter of Argentina's National AI Plan in 2019. Currently, she lends her policy expertise to contribute to prominent global metaverse reports.
Her insights are often sought by global platforms, leading to features in outlets like The Verge, WIRED, and Le Monde.
Micaela curates the popular Substack newsletter “This week in the ➡️ #Metaverse”, offering weekly insights into the latest trends and policy developments on the metaverse, AI, neurotech, crypto and gaming.





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