Meron Gribetz

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Meta Company

Studied Computer Science and Neuroscience, Columbia University. Formerly: worked in an elite technological unit, Defense Forces, Israel. Believes the only way to unlock the true potential of technology is to replace mice, keyboards and even touch screens with a new interface that removes the barriers between tools and minds; imagined how different things could be if the technology we use every day truly connected us to our surroundings and to each other; calls this the "natural machine", and the first glimpses of this can be found in augmented reality (AR). 2012, built first prototype of an augmented reality headset with an oven-heated knife, a hot glue gun, and the best-available components. Founded Meta; 2013, Meta entered the marketplace with the first see-through headset that allowed wearers to move and manipulate digital 3D content( holograms) intuitively, using natural hand gestures; developed basic tenets of Neural Path of Least Resistance™ philosophy, a neuroscience-based interface design approach to computing and the foundation for a new generation of natural machines that will become an extension of how people work, connect and communicate. Named to 30 Under 30 Technology, Forbes (2014); list of 25 Geniuses Who Are Creating the Future of Business, Wired (2014).