Kim Joon-Kyung

President, Korea Development Institute

BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, Seoul National University; PhD in Economics, University of California, San Diego. Former: senior policy-making positions in government, serving in the President's Office of Economic Affairs for Financial Policy; Co-Chair, Financial Supervision Reform Committee; Member, Presidential Economic Policy Advisory Council; teaching positions, Virginia Tech, Columbia University and University of Hawaii, Manoa; Consultant, World Bank; contributed to the preparation of "The East Asian Miracle". With the Korea Development Institute (KDI): former Senior Vice-President, and Professor, KDI School; established the Development Research and Learning Network, overseeing research and knowledge sharing initiatives on Korea's development experience; currently, President, and the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Research and policy work cover a wide range of issues, including Korea's financial supervision, corporate governance, causes and effects of the 1997 financial crisis, and non-banking financial institutions and cooperative financial institutions. Recent studies examine the impact of tax administration reform, rural development policy and the Saemaul Movement, and financial development and inclusion, on Korea's economic and social development.