Jenny Bofinger-Schuster

Senior Vice-President, Sustainability and Cities, Siemens

As Senior VP for Sustainability and Cities, Jenny Bofinger- Schuster leads the Siemens sustainability activities around the globe, setting the right strategy and ensuring its implementation. Siemens is committed to being CO2 neutral by 2030 and is a leader in innovating and offering sustainable solutions for its customers. Jenny’s professional focus encompasses resource and energy efficiency, sustainability management and Siemens’ Business to Society approach. In addition, she leads the Center of Competence Cities. The purpose of the Center within Siemens is to offer integrated solutions addressing the challenges caused by urbanization, climate change and globalization, shaping tomorrow's urban infrastructures. With more than 12 years’ experience in management consultancy within and outside of Siemens, Jenny Bofinger- Schuster was made a Partner of Siemens Management Consulting. Within that role, Jenny developed trendsetting strategies in areas ranging from mobility to healthcare, around the globe. Beside Siemens she enjoys her family around 2 wild boys.