Ilana Brito

Assistant Professor, Mong Family Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Degrees in Biology and Government, Harvard University; PhD in Genetics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed methods to examine signatures of transmission in metagenomic whole genome shotgun sequencing data; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Earth Institute, Columbia University. Performed field and lab research on malaria in Mali. Launched a large field research project in the Fiji Islands on the transmission of the multitude of bacteria inhabiting the human body. Has worked with the Broad Institute and the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies. 2016, joined the BME faculty; uses systems biology approaches to study the transmission of bacterial and genetic components of the human microbiome. Aims to answer fundamental questions about the transmission of bacterial members of the human microbiome: to what extent is the microbiome or the genetic contents of the microbiome transmissible? What factors drive transmission of microbiome components? What are the consequences of this transmission? Has ongoing collaborations at Weill Medical School and in the developing world to study how differences in the microbiome in contribute to health in resource-poor settings. Interest: infectious disease.