George Papaconstantinou

Minister of Finance of Greece (2009-2011)

BSc, London School of Economics; MA, New York University; PhD in Economics, London School of Economics. 1988-98, Senior Economist, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris; 1998, Adviser to former Prime Minister Costas Simitis, on information society issues; 2000-02, Special Secretary for the Information Society, Ministry of Economy and Finance; 2002-04, Member, Council of Economic Advisers and Member of the Board, OTE, Greece's largest telecoms company; Greek Representative to the EU Economic Policy Committee; 2003, coordinated the Lisbon Strategy, for economic and social reforms during the Greek presidency of the EU; 2004-07, Economic Adviser to PASOK's President George Papandreou; 2005-08, Member of the Board, Institute for Strategic and Development Studies, PASOK's think tank; 2007, Member of the Greek National Parliament, for the prefecture of Kozani; 2008, Press Spokesman, PASOK; 2009, Member, European Parliament; October 2009-June 2011, Minister of Finance; June 2011-May 2012, Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Change; 2012-202, Founder and Chairman GSP Advisory; Sept. 2020- present Professor and Director of Executive Education, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute





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