Gauri Singh

Deputy Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Gauri Singh is a career bureaucrat with an experience of over thirty years in policy formulation, implementation and policy advocacy in the field of renewable energy, sustainable development and livelihoods. She has worked at the federal level in the Government of India and in Madhya Pradesh.

At the federal level, particularly in the field of new and renewable energy, she has vast experience of policy formulation, coordination, and international cooperation. Policy initiatives led by her include, the policy framework of National Solar Mission of India 2010, to build solar power capacities in India.

More recently, she steered the rural development sector, in Madhya Pradesh. In this role she provided strategic guidance for planning and implementing large impact community led initiatives, for poverty reduction and sustainable development. She spearheaded the policy formulation, with a strong focus on climate resilience and adaptation, to support livelihoods of the existing self-help groups of 2 million poor women.

She is an alumna of Delhi University, India with major in Economics.





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