Edoardo Croci

Senior Research Fellow, Bocconi University

Degree (Hons) in Economic and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan. 1991-92, studies in Economics and Management, New York University. 1998, Member of the Board, Gran Paradiso National Park, the first Italian national park; 1999-03, President, Regional Agency for Environment Protection of Lombardy; 2000-2003, Government Subcommissioner, for water treatment system, City of Milan; 2001-03, Vice-President, European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agency; 2004-06, Vice-Director, IEFE, Bocconi University; research dealt with environmental management and innovation, environmental agencies, voluntary environmental agreements, public information and participation in environmental matter, emission trading and Kyoto Protocol. 2005-06, Member, Commission, for reorganization, coordination and integration of legislation on environmental issues, Italian Ministry of Environment. 2006-09 Deputy Mayor, City of Milan, in charge of transport, mobility and environment. Currently Member of the Management Board of GREEN (Geography, Resources, Energy, Environment, Networks) research center, Bocconi University, Professor of Carbon Markets and Carbon Management, Coordinator of the Green Economy Observatory and of the Smart City Observatory at Bocconi University.





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