Chen Yangqiu

President, Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation

President, Hitachi (China) Research & Development. Chairman of the Management Committee, Tsinghua-Hitachi Future-oriented Initiatives programme. 1991, Master’s in Technological Economics, Jilin University; 2011, EMBA, Tsinghua University. Formerly with the Ministry of Machinery Industry. 1998, joined Hitachi; since 2014, serves as President, Hitachi (China) Research & Development. Hitachi (China) Research & Development is headquarter-level R&D institute established in China. Currently, it has established research bases in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, focusing on promoting technological research in the fields of information technology, material manufacturing, and application technology development in the city, healthcare, manufacturing areas. Hitachi has also established cooperative relations with more than 10 universities, such as Tsinghua University in China.



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