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Wu Changhua

Chief Executive Officer, Beijing Future Innovation Center

CEO of Future Innovation Center. Degree in Environmental Policy, University of Maryland; degree in Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Formerly: Greater China Dorector, The Climate Geoup; Director, Program for China Studies, World Resources Institute, Washington DC; consulted for organizations including World Bank, UNEP and UNDP; Executive Director, China Operations, ENSR, worked with multinational corporations to support their business development in China and compliance with Chinese regulations. With Climate Group: leads strategic development in region and manages Greater China operations; heads Global Demonstration initiative with China focus that aims to establish public and private partnership with technology providers, financial institutions and city and regional governments to scale up low-carbon solutions in China. Starting April 2016, joining TIR Consulting (The Third Industrial Revolution Consulting)as China Director, working closely with Jeremy Rifkin to support China's efforts to build a new and clean economic through systemic change. In the meantime, founded TECONET, a start-up platform that focuses on systemic change - policy, technology, finance and market.