Carlos Kuchkovsky

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Qcentroid

Carlos Kuchkovsky is the Co-founder and CEO of QCentroid, a mission-oriented Web 3 ecosystem, with the purpose of accelerating sustainable transformation through new ways of working, tech, science, and data. Qcentroid is bringing the power of Quantum tech to Web3 organizations and ecosystems by opening the creator economy to mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and sustainability domain experts. Carlos began his career as a multiplayer mobile video game developer. After that He worked for BBVA in a number of executive positions, positioning BBVA as a leader in quantum computing, AI, blockchain, digital identity, new business, and digital platforms among other areas. He has held different board positions on international associations at Hyperledger, INATBA, Alastria, and the Strategic Advisory Board of the Europan Quantum Flagship, working on the evolution of blockchain, AI, quantum technologies, and Web3. He has published scientific and tech papers and created and led over 30 patents. He also lectures in International MBAs in fintech, deep tech, and new business models.



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