Carlos Augusto

Global Shaper, Maputo Hub

I am from Mozambique, an undeveloped country located at Southern Africa. I born and growth up in a rural zone, where I did my primary and secondary school. When I finished my secondary school, traveled to Maputo City to do my bachelors degree of International Relations and Diplomacy, which I was best stundent of University. in my second year of University I found Institute of Peace, a nonprofit organization to promote peaceful conflicts resolution in my country and world. As entrepreneur I am Co-founder of Forestry Industrial and Mineral Manufacturing Company, where I work in export and business consultant. I have also great interest electronic and telecommunication sector. Recently I was nominated Global Dignity Country Chair for Mozambiqu a nonprofit organization to improve education, health, food access and Human Rights of children and youths between 5-23 years old. Also I am International Relations Analyst, which I have written many articles and paper on International Relations and Security. Yes we can do a world best to live!