Brian Afande

Co-Founder and Managing Director, BlackRhino Virtual Reality Limited

As an early African XR adopter, I hold a peculiar vision of designing, democratizing and demystifying what Extended Reality (XR) and new emerging technologies will look like and how they will impact African communities. I believe that democratizing access to these technologies is a key ingredient to building awareness around the potential of what the youth in Africa can achieve.
It’s my sincere wish that through exploring synergies, partnerships and collaborations we will be able to equip the African youth to be the XR innovators and inventors of the future. I have been involved in numerous XR projects within the African continent, Europe and America with focus geared towards the cultural and creative industries.
I hold a Certificate in Philosophy and Epistemology from Nairobi University and a Diploma in computer electronics, software and hardware engineering.
I'm an avid traveller and I love exploring new cultures. I'm passionate about leadership and mentorship and this is reflected from the outreach programs we run under the BlackRhino VR banner (State of the ARt, The Moran StoryLab and XR Without Borders) respectively.





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