Benjamin Butler

Founder and Director, Emerging Future Institute

Benjamin J Butler is a Futurist, Writer, Speaker and Advisor. He is Founder of the Emerging Future Institute, a writer at Intelligent HQ, a member of the faculty of Futur/io, the European Institute of Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures, and is a member of the Global Future Council on Computing at the World Economic Forum, dividing his time between Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK and sometimes the USA. He has worked extensively in Asia and is fluent in Japanese. Known for his ability to forecast cycles or paradigm shifts in financial markets, society, technology and geo-politics, Benjamin has been a trusted sounding board and advisor for many leaders, coaching them through uncertainty in both their business and life; and to cultivate a futurist mindset . He leverages off a unique array of international experiences and roles including fund manager, stockbroker, venture capitalist, innovation consultant, and zen meditator, seeing himself as an observer of the human mind and decision-making. One of Benjamin’s recent passions has been the pursuit of the Holy Grail of creativity and the quest for self-realisation . In addition to a period of investing in Silicon Valley, he spent a number of years travelling around the world meeting visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives, martial artists, and even Zen Masters and the Dalai Lama’s Oracles (!), with the goal of discerning states of mind that lead to insight. He believes that the harnessing of collective intelligence will result in a new form of Enlightenment. He has given keynote talks at international conferences such as the World Knowledge Forum, MIPIM, the Asia Pacific Financial Forum and most recently the Chinese government on the future of finance at the Tianfu Financial Forum. He holds a BA in Economics and Japanese from SOAS, University of London and an MSc from Schumacher College, with a dissertation focused on new scientific approaches to futurism. He has also read law at Kings College London and Investment Management at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His book, "The Futurist" is due out this year; a very human-centred dialogue about the future.