Anke Kwast

Vice-President, Crop Nutrition Research and Development, Yara International

VP Crop Nutrition R&D in Yara (since 2013): Leading an international and interdisciplinary research team of 80 employees at different locations across Europe, Brazil and Africa to develop profitable and sustainable solutions for nutrient and water management in agriculture. Manage research projects in Food Chain Partnerships to improve the overall performance and sustainability of the food value chain including working with academic institutions (e.g University of Wageningen) and foundations (e.g. BMGF). From 1989 -1998, managing the modernization of Yara’s global research facility and implementation of improved “way of working”. Manager product development (fertilizer, inhibitors and biostimulants); Member of IOSDV (international organization of nitrogen long terms trials) and active in IVA (industry society agrar) and official advisory body for agriculture (LUFA) in a working group “Analysis of Fertilizers”. Manager of Horticulture and Fertigation Research (1999 – 2013): Research to develop improved solutions for nutrient management mainly for horticultural crops under special consideration of stress alleviation, crop quality, fertigation and foliar nutrition. Leading a research team on water scarcity and water use efficiency. Market Support & Knowledge Transfer by creating scientifically sound product and crop manuals; giving trainings and speeches on scientific congresses, writing articles.


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