Bowen Zhou

President, JD Cloud & AI; Chair, JD Technology Committee; Vice-President, JD.COM

Dr. Bowen Zhou is Vice President of, Chair of JD Technology Committee and President of JD Cloud & AI. He joined JD in October 2017.

Dr. Zhou serves as the President of JD Cloud and AI, a group which integrates the charter and responsibilities of three major former businesses under, Cloud, AI and IoT. JD Cloud and AI provides trusted technology services to power digital transformation of enterprises and governments, while also serving as the main commercialization arm for the industry-oriented capabilities of overall. Dr. Zhou also serves as the head of the JD Technology Exploration Lab and as Chair of the JD Technology Committee. In these combined roles, he oversees and drives the strategy, innovation, products and scenario-based solutions, and commercialization of’s technology capabilities.

Dr. Zhou has decades of experience in natural language technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Prior to joining, Dr. Zhou held several key leadership positions during his 15-year tenure at IBM Research’s headquarters. He most recently served as Director of the AI Foundations Lab at IBM Research in New York, Chief Scientist of IBM Watson Group, and a Distinguished Engineer of IBM.

Dr. Zhou is responsible for developing the world's first embedded large-vocabulary speech-to-speech bi-directional real-time translation system, and is a leader in the field of deep learning-based natural language understanding. Dr. Zhou has published more than 100 papers at top international conferences and in top journals, and he is an IEEE Fellow. He previously served as a member of the IEEE Speech and Language Technical Committee, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions, ICASSP Area Chair (2011-2015), ACL, and NAACL Area Chair.

Dr. Zhou received a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Colorado at Boulder and a bachelor’s degree from University of Science & Technology of China.





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