Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi

Joined Sanofi, a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming scientific innovation into healthcare solutions, as Chief Executive Officer in September 2019. Over 25 years’ experience driving growth and building strong teams for numerous pharmaceutical companies across the United States, Asia and Europe. Starting as a sales representative and ascending to Chief Executive Officer of Novartis Pharmaceuticals before joining Sanofi; known for identifying medicines that can change patients’ lives and commercializing them to full potential. Drove the success of Entresto and the development of Cosentyx, a top-selling treatment of Novartis. Also extended AstraZeneca’s footprint in the oncology field with cancer drugs Tagrisso and Lynparza. Close ties with global innovation hubs led to early adoption of digitization to empower and accelerate R&D while increasing productivity across business functions. Degree in economics; Diploma, Chartered Institute of Marketing. Honorary Doctor of Business Administration, Manchester Metropolitan University. Member of the Board of PhRMA.





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