Mansur Abilkasimov

VP Cybersecurity Governance & Strategy Deputy CISO, Schneider Electric

Mansur Abilkasimov is currently Vice President in charge of Cybersecurity Strategy and Governance, CISO for Europe and Middle East and Africa at Schneider Electric. Coming from a management, risk and compliance consulting background, Mansur has extensive experience in incubating and spearheading transversal initiatives in cybersecurity, privacy and extended digital risk domains.
Mansur joined Schneider Electric in 2016 through Internal Audit department, created and led the Cyber and Privacy audit team and later evolved into in cybersecurity domain.
Currently Mansur looks after cybersecurity strategy, governance, cyber risk management, security policies and compliance, external influencing, security investment management, supply chain and installed base security.
Holds bachelor’s degree in International Economics & Law, Master’s degrees in Digital Strategy and Transformation.





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