Kristin Rechberger

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Planet

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Planet, an advisory and investing firm that helps advance markets that restore nature with high impact partners for regenerative landscapes, seascapes and communities. This includes conservation enterprises around the world such as well-managed ecotourism in protected areas, regenerative agriculture, sustainable aquaculture, and sustainable fisheries. Formerly, Senior Vice-President, Global Programs and Partnerships, National Geographic Society, for 14 years helped lead worldwide growth of cable channels, corporate partnerships, fundraising, and research, conservation and exploration programs. Judge, the Circulars. Member of the Advisory Board, National Geographic's Pristine Seas, Smithsonian's Earth Optimism, Global Island Partnership, Global Dignity, Environmental Investigation Agency, Anacostia Waterfront Trust. Fellow, Royal Geographical Society; certified with Global Sustainable Tourism Council. As a Luce Fellow, lived in Seoul, South Korea, producing documentary films throughout Asia. Degrees in Public Policy and Documentary Film, Duke University; executive courses, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford.