John Moavenzadeh

Head of Mobility Industries and System Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum LLC

1989, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; 1992, MSE in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan; 1996, MPP, Harvard University. Since 1997, Licensed Professional Engineer, US. 1990-94, Product Design Engineer, Ford Motor Company. 1996-99, Associate, Booz Allen & Hamilton. 1999-2003, Director, World Economic Forum. 2003-06, Executive Director, MIT International Motor Vehicle Program. Since 2007, Senior Director, Head of Mobility Industries and Officer, World Economic Forum, US, responsible for partnership programmes for transportation-related industries. Currently, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Mobility System, overseeing public-private initiatives on urban mobility, autonomous vehicles, sustainable mobility, security in travel, smart freight, and all issues related to the transformation of mobility at the city, regional and global levels.






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