David Kenny

Executive Chairman, Nielsen

David Kenny is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics. He joined the company as CEO in November 2018 and has been the chief architect of the company’s transformation to a digital future.

He has spent his career in data science and artificial intelligence, focused on the marketing and media industries. David has a proven track record of implementing growth strategies, overseeing strategic transactions and creating value for stakeholders. He has a deep and holistic understanding of media and advertisers and how best to serve them.

David previously served as Senior Vice President of Cognitive Solutions at IBM where he led IBM’s artificial intelligence initiatives, using machine learning to support enterprise customers across a large number of verticals. Prior to that, he was Chairman and Chief Executive of The Weather Company.

Currently, David serves on the Board of Directors for Best Buy and as Chairman of the Board for Teach for America. He is also on the advisory board of ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing.

David received his bachelor’s degree in industrial administration from the GM Institute (now Kettering University) and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.





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