Fourth Industrial Revolution and Environment: The Stanford Dialogues

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Our model of human and economic development, developed during past industrial revolutions, has largely come at the expense of our planet. There is mounting scientific consensus that the Earth’s natural systems – our climate, water, air, biodiversity, forests and oceans – are under unprecedented, severe, and increasing stress.  The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) holds great potential for improving management and governance of the global environment and delivering the systems change required to create clean, resource-secure and inclusive economies.
With support from the MAVA Foundation, PwC and Stanford University, this project seeks to harness that potential by mapping 4IR solutions against the most pressing environmental challenges, identifying and addressing related governance issues, and identifying and mobilising the critical ingredients that will enable 4IR solutions to scale.
Core Components:

  • Insight Series – an agenda-shaping series of issue and tech-based insights that become a consolidated publication in the medium term.
  • Stanford Dialogues – a series of face-to-face and online dialogues focused on identifying the critical issues, informing the insight series, and building a community of purpose.
  • Community of Purpose – a community of technology developers, investors, funders, companies, governments, environmental experts, and other stakeholders collaborating to help accelerate and scale 4IR innovations for the environment.    
  • 目标

    To identify a specific suite of 4IR innovations that could be adapted and applied to help address global environment and natural resource security challenges