The Ethical Design & Deployment of Technology

This project seeks to produce a framework and set of tools that organizations can use to operationalize ethics by design in product development and deployment of technology.

The Challenge 

There is a crisis of trust in the technology sector. Technologies are impacting the world in ways never before contemplated giving rise to a unique set of related ethical problems. Whilst efforts exist to integrate ethics into the design and deployment of new technology, these efforts too often live in isolation. As the technology industry grows, these decisions are more consequential than before and require more cohesion, and the broad inclusion of multiple stakeholders.

The Opportunity: Operationalizing Ethical Decision-making

Renewing trust is possible. The World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network will convene a multi-stakeholder community of practitioners from industry, civil society, and government focused on developing a framework and identifying best practice for the ethical design and deployment of technology. 

Across Centres in Beijing, Geneva, Mumbai, Tokyo, and San Francisco, we will cultivate a community of global leaders deeply committed to the ethical design and deployment of technology. Through a series of hands-on workshops, this project will produce a framework that participants can use to operationalize decision making to improve ethics by design in product development and deployment of technology.