The Accra Discourse

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The Accra Discourse is a bi-monthly conversation and networking platform established to bring passionate voices in Ghana in contact with key drivers in sectors of leadership, education, entrepreneurship, technology, creative arts & literacy and civic engagement, to share ideas that will shape the future of Ghana. Over 5,000 people have participated in this project to date.


Innovation has a crucial role to play in driving sustainable growth and social inclusion in Ghana. In particular, it has the potential to disrupt and promote citizens ability to think and act together.

The Accra Discourse, an initiative of Accra Hub, is a bi-monthly conversation and networking platform where passionate voices in Ghana connect with key drivers within sectors of leadership, technology, entrepreneurship and development to have conversations that contribute to shaping the future of Ghana. We believe the capacity for constructive result-oriented dialogue and value-based collaboration is at the core of our ability to master challenges of all sorts.

Over 5,000 people have participated and been reached through this project to date.