Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production

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The overall production industry is lagging in adoption of 4IR manufacturing technologies with more than 70% of companies stuck in pilots. The Forum’s advanced manufacturing and production community had highlighted the absence of a neutral learning platform to showcase top use cases, and highlight roadmaps and organizational approaches to adopting and scaling technologies. In response and within the framework of the Shaping the Future of Production system initiative, the “Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production” project has set up a platform comprising of a network of lighthouse sites (advanced 4IR factories) for sharing top use cases and insights, organize learning journeys and factory visits (real and virtual) and also for launching alliances/partnerships on new technologies in manufacturing. The network has been kicked off with 16 advanced production sites from a multitude of industry sectors and CEOs and ministers have strongly supported this network acting as a learning platform for accelerating technology adoption. 


The goal of this Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production Project is to develop innovative and unique insights on the impact of new technology on production, to help governments and companies better understand ongoing and future transformations of value chains, foster a common understanding across stakeholders and help inform policy and investment decisions.