Teaching AI Ethics

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This Project is co-created by World Economic Forum and Professors Illah Nourbakhsh and Jennifer Keating of Carnegie Mellon University.
The Challenge:
Decisions regarding the responsible design of AI are often made by engineers with little training in the complex ethical considerations at play. Universities have struggled to find effective ways to integrate these issues into curricula for students in technical domains. In response, The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has recommended creating a repository of actionable and useful materials for faculty who wish to add social inquiry and discourse into their AI coursework. 
Creating AI without considering the potential ethical and human-centered implications creates liabilities for the evolution of social, economic and governance systems. In view of the magnitude of risk and the central role that AI will have in ordering societal infrastructure, those responsible must be taught from the beginning how to design for healthy outcomes. This includes awareness ranging, for example, from data integrity and cultivating transparency to understanding how technical decisions relate to civil, social and geopolitical outcomes. 
The Opportunity:
Recognizing the necessity as framed above, the Teaching AI Ethics project aims to connect a globally situated group of Academics in AI with a platform to share materials and learn from one another. This open-source sharing database will enable instructors to shape future leaders AI designers with a critical awareness of how their decisions influences broader outcomes on a global scale. 
The Community:
Academics teaching classes on AI-relevant work that touch on the social implications of AI are invited to contribute to a live repository of curricula on an official platform hosted by the Forum. Those who have yet to develop curricula focused on ethical AI are invited to join in particular, to benefit from the knowledge of the commons in designing their own coursework. They will be asked, in turn to upload their modified curricula incorporating materials from others for further sharing in the community.
As the community grows, members will be invited to participate in off-line events geared towards community- building in AI education. We hope this platform can come to serve as a powerful mechanism for increasing knowledge and awareness in regards to responsibly teaching AI, and thank you for your interest and participation.                                                                                                                                                                                  Please fill out the survey below to receive an invitation to join the Teaching AI Ethics community. In addition to our live repository, community members will have access to a Forum platform to communicate with each another. 
Teaching AI Ethics: Introductory Survey                                                                                                                                                                           You may also see below for a public-facing set of sample curricula, which we will continue to curate from community submissions on an on-going basis.
Teaching AI Ethics: Curated Curricula                                                                                                                                                                           Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at: teachingaiethics@weforum.org