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Financing the Transition to a Net Zero Future

Trillions of incremental investments will be required to transition the global economy to net-zero emissions and avert a climate catastrophe. This represents a massive opportunity for capital providers. However, many of the investments needed are large and risky, especially in emissions-intensive heavy industrial and mobility sectors. In order for the transition to be successful, finance, industry and the public sector must work together to lay the foundations of a new multi-stakeholder transition finance ecosystem. Recognizing the emerging need for cross-industry collaboration, in June 2020 the Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems platform launched the Financing the Transition to a Net-Zero Future.


The initiative brings together financiers and industry experts from high-emitting sectors such as steel, aviation, shipping, chemicals and trucking in collaboration with the Mission Possible Partnership, to deliver sector-specific financing blueprints and mobilize transition finance. The objective is to identify innovative financial breakthroughs that will enable the commercial-scale deployment of early-stage decarbonization technologies. By identifying the role that different financial institutions can play across the investment value chain, the initiative will support the mobilization of capital at scale and contribute to the creation of an overarching transition finance ecosystem.


Project members are invited to interact through digital meetings organized on a regular basis, while the initiative will also leverage global events such as the Davos Agenda Week, the Sustainable Development Impact Summit, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and other fora to share key learnings and takeaways.


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