Shaping Davos: The Future of Education

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I recall when the call for applications to host a Shaping Davos event came out, and I felt excited. That was an opportunity to take the dialogues beyond the borders of Switzerland and closer to the local level. Once my peer shapers agreed that it would be a good idea, I took a lead on sending the hub application and coordinating the event in case we were selected.

For me, one big takeaway of this Shaping Davos was the understanding of the potential that we have as Shapers.We are natural connectors of dots and we should embrace and channel this potential in opportunities such as Shaping Dvos to strenghten our networks, create dialogue and make change happen.


We chose to talk about "The Future of Education" because it is a trending topic and fundamental if we are trying to improve the state of the world. Little did I know? A couple of weeks later, we had four incredible panelists, two women and two men, representing both basic and higher education, including the rector of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (the biggest in the state and third best in the country). Many shapers were engaged in the project, and we collectively established a curatorship process for the audience, to ensure the conversation would be fruitful and that people who are working on and passionate about the topic of education would attend. 

Almost 50 people filled a room with bright ideas, representing key educational institutions of our community. The event was held at IBMEC, one of the most renowned business schools in Brazil. It was followed by a coffee break, which enabled the audience to talk to peers and panelists, and new bridges and sparkles of collaboration projects started there.