Regional Acceleration of Infrastructure Projects

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Continuous and close public-private collaboration at the country level remains crucial to unlocking the capital necessary to bridge the enduring infrastructure financing gap. Under the chairmanship of Douglas L. Peterson, President and CEO of S&P Global, this initiative focuses on select countries globally and serves as an enabling platform to create the conditions that can attract greater private-sector participation in national infrastructure projects.

To achieve this, the initiative convenes national multistakeholder working groups, recognized and endorsed by the national governments concerned, to identify actionable solutions to facilitate infrastructure financing and development. This collaborative approach seeks to achieve tangible progress in a relatively short timeframe (12 months), to contribute to accelerating the project delivery process in each country.

Working group members are senior executives drawn from several sectors, including institutional and private investors, banks and financial services firms, infrastructure developers, energy companies and multilateral development banks.

The initiative is currently active in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Vietnam and has been successfully completed in Indonesia.


The aim of this project is to:

  • Analyse key challenges related to infrastructure financing at a country level. 

  • Formulate country-specific recommendations for the public and private sectors in critical fields such as planning, project preparation, financing and capacity building.

The ultimate objectives of the initiative are to improve the country's investment climate, deepen its capital markets and ultimately accelerate the development of its infrastructure plan.