Platforms and Ecosystems – Enabling the Digital Economy

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Platforms transform the way businesses, governments and individuals interact. They present a nascent, unique way to conduct business, are growing exponentially in size and importance, and provide unparalleled opportunities for value creation, but also risk and uncertainty. Over the next 10 years, platform-driven interactions will enable approximately two-thirds of the value for business and society identified by the Digital Transformation of Industries initiative.

Private and public leaders are grappling with the implications of the platform economy. Yet, there is no coordinated discourse between market players and policymakers. The proposed project is a continuation of the 2016 work ‘Unlocking Value in the Platform Economy’, and seeks to create a global dialogue - leading to actionable recommendations and outcomes - for leaders to address questions arising around platform economy dynamics.

In particular, the first project stage will address three key areas: 

  • How to build and launch new revenue streams through digital platforms

  • How to interact with third parties and build a digital ecosystem

  • Responsibility, trust and regulation around digital platforms and ecosystems


To create a global platform for dialogue - leading to actionable suggestions, recommendations and outcomes - to bring together public and private stakeholders to address questions arising around the dynamics of the platform economy, to create an environment of sustainable socio-economic gains. This analysis will leverage a global community of experts to agree on and provide scalable approaches for balancing complex business model, digital governance, and interoperability challenges within the Platform Economy.