Living, Learning & Earning Longer

The world has entered a new phase of demographic development: people are living longer and healthier lives. Government pension schemes are generally ill-equipped to manage this change, and insurers have a unique opportunity to step in: with innovative, client centric offerings tailored to one’s life cycle; with enhanced financial literacy programs, and with a mandate to fundamentally shift mindsets around retirement planning. By adopting age-inclusive policies, enabling employability throughout one’s lifespan, and empowering people to make informed, proactive decisions around their retirement, insurers and other stakeholders can help foster a multi-generational, inclusive workforce of the future. 

This project will seek to build consensus among 50 insurers and other key stakeholders on principles and best practices to support a multi-generational, inclusive workforce by targeting three dimensions: i) creating a culture of respect, security and inclusion; ii) establishing standards, policies and procedures at the enterprise level; iii) identifying attractive work incentives (e.g. financial and retirement planning, work-retirement options, health and wellness plans, caregiving leave and assistance).